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Business Information Requirement Analytics

Efficient information management leading to efficient business operations require documented knowledge about the business and organization. Several different aspects of the business need to be considered, such as who needs what information and when, who is the source of information and which business rules apply to the information. Additionally, there are also access restrictions and security aspects.

Genicore provides a unique information management requirements service where organizational needs and business policies are documented and transformed into an information systems requirement specification. To verify that the specification matches the requirements, an information systems prototype is repeatedly generated from the specification as the work progresses, a unique feature of the CoreEAF method.

The CoreEAF method and tool framework is uniquely designed to allow business developers and managers to understand and work with these issues independently of any existing or future information systems technology. It is focused purely on business knowledge, structuring it so that it becomes a very clear specification of the information management requirements of the organization, and a very clear specification for suppliers of information systems to respond to.

System Solution Service

Together with partners, we provide information systems built with the CorePro platform. The CorePro platform has several advantages compared with other implementation and system building methods. The CorePro environment can be seen as the information systems equivalent of a mechanical 3D printer. Input is the specification and the output is the resulting information system.

The CorePro environment interfaces directly with the requirements specification tools of CoreEAF, making the transition from requirements to an operational information system virtually seamless, cost efficient and precise. But not only that, together, CoreEAF and CorePro, becomes an eco-system supporting agile change management. Changing the specification and running the "printer" again, produces a new version of the system.

Education & Training

Genicore provides a couple of half day to one-day seminars and some courses for management information architects, related to the CoreEAF method of business analyses and information requirement specifications. For more details, see the Education&Training section

Partnership Programs

There are a number of partnership opportunities, in providing infrastructure, integration, developing application and information models. Contact us for detail about the certification processes.