In charge of information
on the road to the future

Taking Control of Digitized Business

Struggling in the Ocean of Complexity

The ability to innovate while simultaneously managing day-to-day operations is the foundation for long-term success.

The technologically oriented information and knowledge society becomes more and more complex. Organizations and businesses living in these times also become more complex. Our civilization undergoes continuous development and increased competition and we need ever better information tools to manage and understand the increasing complexity.

Although corporate, organizational and other computer systems are filled with data, the relevant information often seems unavailable. Operative decisions are often made under pressure and based on assumptions, believes and hopes rather than knowledge of actual facts.

The IT industry itself is also struggling with complexity. Information system projects frequently miss targets or fail completely. Reports, such as the CHAOS report from The Standish Group indicate that 31% of projects gets cancelled before completion. Indications are that 50% of all software produced in the world goes to waist, a yield ratio less than desired.

Extending the mind of organizations

Information systems need to be much more than data processing and storages devices. They also, for maximum effect, must be tailored according to the specific and continuously changing needs of organizations.

The concept of business information systems must change from collections of monolithic data processing devices, to one homogenous mouldable resource. A resource that extend the mind of the organization, empower individuals and act as an interfaces to the business and the outside world.

In addition, there is the issue of sustainability. Today information systems grow old, partly due to evolution of technology and partly because they cannot keep up with changes and innovations in the organization they are supposed to serve. As information systems becomes the core of operations for many organizations, the loss of continuity, data and knowledge when such systems are replaced, becomes not only costly but threatens the existence of the organization.

Information systems should not grow old and be replaced. They must be sustainable over time, continuously evolving in pace with innovation and changes in the organization, and at the same time incorporating new technology as it becomes available.

Reaching the goal of sustainable information systems as extensions of the organizational mind and at the same time avoid aging and the pitfalls of IT development, require a new breed of methods and digital tools. Methods and tools that are moulded from an understanding of the human and organizational minds combined with solid software system engineering principles.

Design by Scandinavia, simplistic and amazingly powerful

We developed and continue to develop CoreEAF™ and CorePro™ to offer the world an alternative to the current state of affairs in the digital information landscape.

CoreEAF™ provides you with the most elegant tools and methods to uncomplicate and organize knowledge about your business. It is a platform for business development and collective knowledge sharing, allowing multiple perspectives to be joined creating mutual understanding between different stakeholders.

CorePro™ is the environment for providing consistent information in an organization for well-founded operative decisions, based on the business knowledge models of CoreEAF™. It is a platform that provides organizations with solid information technology in combination with sustainable and agile information management.

By combining the most prominent ideas in the last 50 years of Scandinavian school of informatics with the ideas of philosophers such as Aristotle, Edmund Husserl and Gunnar Olsson we have created an amazingly powerful environment which outpaces any other existing environment by one order of magnitude, if not two.

With CoreEAF™ and CorePro™ every organization can have a tailor-made sustainable information platform which will grow and change in pace with the organization, as it grows and innovates in the short run and over time.

And the final point is, it works! The method and technology has proven itself in various organizations for more than 20 years.