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In the end of the 1980s there was a group of people in Göteborg on the west coast of the Scandinavian country Sweden, rethinking the concept of business information systems. The group was not only rethinking how to implement such systems but also rethinking how to understand organizations in the digital era. The group was a mix of people with backgrounds in economics, business administration and engineering.

There were three goals:

– Bring computers closer to people. Instead of cryptic commands and codes, make the computers "talk" the (business) language of the users.

– Bring computers closer to business developers. Instead of layers of specifications and IT experts, business developers should directly connect with the information system to mould it according to the business needs.

– Drastically decrease development and maintenance effort. Instead of deficient functionality and infinite backlogs, information systems should always be in pace with business changes and requirements.

In 1994 this resulted in a model driven information system for the Swedish Defence Material Administration. Based on a platform for declarative object oriented models the system also included a component based non-modal drag and drop graphical user interface.

Genicore was founded in 2001 with the purpose of providing business information design and implementation services. Genicore has developed the original ideas and now provides a complete integrated method chain called CoreEAF™ (Core Enterprise Architecture Framework).

Mentionable clients among others are Swedish Department of Defence, Swedish Defence Material Administration, Road and Vehicle Administration and the Swedish National Test and Research Institute.

Other Activities

Genicore performs research and development related to organizations, management, information and computer science. We have since the start worked on creating and improving methods, languages and tools to describe, specify, implement and maintain information systems, with precision and at low cost. Currently we are world leaders in this field.

As part of our involvement in the community, we participate in various organizations and events related to IT, information management and the educational system.


SESAM – Software interest group related to Swedish Department of Defense

SFMI – Swedish Association for Medical Informatics

Dataföreningen – Swedish Computer Society

SWEDSOFT – Swedish Software Interest Organization

Chalmers Industriteknik – Foundation connecting research and industry

Business Region Göteborg – Developing regional business conditions

AMEIS – Association for Model Enabled Information Systems

P2P – Change Management Professionals

Projekt Lazarus – An organization for Live Action Role Play (LARP)


We are located in the centre of Göteborg, Sweden

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